Keeping up with a website!

I wrote in a previous post that blogging is hard. And as I look back, I see that I wrote that in August! In my head, I was pretty sure it was just a couple of weeks ago. So maybe it’s not the blogging that is so hard, but the passage of time!

I did manage to post about Pr. Mamy accepting a new call and just today, I have done a bit of updating to our website to reflect the fact that we are now without our own pastor. The Staff page will give you a bit more info about who is helping us out with worship.

Lots of things are happening. The Pentecost Project is wrapping up and will soon be something you can hold in your hand. Keep watch for that!

The youth group has started a fundraising project: a 2017 calendar using pictures – recent and not-so-recent – of people and events that have happened around Trinity over the years. Personally, I’m afraid a 12-month calendar won’t be enough room for all the pictures we will receive!

And in conjunction with our annual Christmas program and smorgasbord, we will be hosting a Trinity homecoming, thanks to the efforts of Shelley Andrews, Roxanne Wolf and Kathy Anderson. This will be an event to celebrate!

One more thing to do before I leave today:  schedule time EVERY WEEK to update the website!