November, already! (Almost)

It is now to the time of year that everybody is counting down to something. Some folks count down the days to Christmas — well, probably most folks. I look at it in a similar fashion every Monday when I adjust my worship assistants spread sheet to show the remaining weeks of the year – just nine more Sundays! But these upcoming weeks will include a lot with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Advent, the Sunday School Christmas program, smorgasbord and Trinity homecoming (more on that as info becomes available), two more quartermania events, and probably more that I have failed to mention here. Oh, and our book fair!

During this time, we are hearing the Word preached by a variety of pastors and we thank each and every one of the them for their willingness to serve here at Trinity.

The November Trinity Tidings is now posted on the newsletter page and the bulletin for Oct. 30 is posted on the bulletin page. There are lots of inserts in the bulletin this week: an envelope for our 5th Sunday Special for the benefit of Reformation 500; another flyer about the book fair, and one about our upcoming quartermania event on Nov. 6th. If you will not be in attendance this Sunday, you can check with me in the office to get info about any of these special events. And don’t forget that Doorstep is requesting items for their Christmas store (flyer was in last week’s bulletin) and they have some urgent needs listed in this week’s bulletin. Check over on our bulletin page to see the bulletin and inserts for the book fair and quartermania.

Let me know if I have omitted anything!