Renewed energy for the website!

Honest, it is on my schedule to add a new blog post to the website every week. But it hasn’t been happening. I’ve got lots of ideas and welcome ideas from you, so now to make them happen. Our web host, Bluehost, even provided a list of ideas for each week of the year. Of course, they are mostly geared toward businesses, but I will try to make use of the ideas in a way that is more applicable to Trinity Lutheran!

First, a reminder about alternate ways of giving. You’ve probably grown tired of seeing these in the Trinity Tidings every month, but you can donate to Trinity via your grocery shopping, your Thrivent account, or your online shopping. Check a recent issue of Trinity Tidings for more info, or call me here in the office.

If you want to shop local, and I mean really local, like right here at church, we have some items available, such as cookbooks, calendars, Led By the Spirit books, and possibly some other items. All good gift items!

Along with keeping current with blog posts, there are other ways to boost our online presence, usually with just a click of your mouse! We are on Facebook — – so head over there and give a us a “like” or add a post. And we advertise on YP so pull up their website and search for Trinity. The more you click, like, share, and search, the easier it is for others to find us!

Finally, be sure you have registered on our web page – there’s a link at the bottom to do so. I see a lot of user registrations via my email, but don’t recognize very many Trinity names. Once you have registered, you can add a comment to our blog posts. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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