Sunday, May 15 is the Day of Pentecost


We ask our members to wear RED to worship on this day. Today, we will be confirming three young men in our congregation. They have worked and studied hard to get to this day and we pray for and congratulate them.

During worship, our Senior and Children’s Choirs will be combining efforts to sing; I think the words of the song tell the story so well:

Holy, Holy Spirit,
Holy, Holy Dove,
Holy, Holy Helper,
Holy Fire of Love.

  1. In a room the followers waited,
    saddened by the Savior’s loss.
    It was early in the morning
    on the Day of Pentecost.


  1. Then a rushing wind came blowing
    and they saw the flames aglow;
    then they felt the Spirit’s power
    resting on their heads below.


  1. Then they spoke and all who listened
    heard the Gospel story told!
    Then three thousand strong were baptized
    and the church of Christ was born.


  1. Break our quiet, fearful silence
    with the Spirit’s wind and fire.
    Flame our hearts to greater service.
    Mold our faith as you desire.


Also watch for the launch of The Pentecost Project at the end of worship. We want everyone to be involved.