Historic Old Town Community Garden

Trinity Lutheran reaches out to neighbors by providing space for a garden on our vacant lot. The garden, first organized in 2012, is known as the Historic Old Town Community Garden. Members of Trinity, neighbors, Sunday School children and neighborhood children have planted their own plots the garden. God's generous gift of garden produce as well as the gift of friendship is appreciated by all who participate. We look forward to another good year!

As you can see, the garden has grown over the years, starting from soil patches amidst the grass...


. . .to  include nice, neat rows with mulch. (Although my grandma said you could plant more in a crooked row!)


And it is still growing! More beds have been added, along with raised beds and an irrigation system.


And when harvest time comes, the gardeners move into the kitchen to preserve the fruits of their labors.

God's Work. Our Hands.